ERASMUS Intensive Program
on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Protected Areas

SUMMER SCHOOL, 6-19 July 2014, Amfissa, Greece
ESD in Protected Areas and Biosphere Reserves

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TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 1 Philosophy, Concepts and methods for linking EE / ESD with management of BRs & other designated areas (Michael Scoullos):

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 2 Ecological principles and function of natural ecosystems (Michel Ricard):

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 3 01-Sustainable Management of Protected Areas (Marios Andreou):

02-Improving the conservation status of the priority habitat types *1520 and *5220 at the Rizoelia National Forest Park (Marios Andreou):

03-Establishment of a Plant Micro-Reserve Network in Cyprus for the Conservation of Priority Species and Habitats (Marios Andreou):

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 4 SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT of Protected Areas; management plans, economic isues, cultural aspects, the participation of the society (Tuncay Neyisci):

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 5 01-Towards the 7th World Water Forum (12-17 April 2015) - The Mediterranean Regional Process (Michael Scoullos):

02-The Mediterranean Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development (MSESD) (Michael Scoullos):

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 6 The profile of the educator in the protected areas (Dinko Vujevic):

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 8 Introduction To Modeling and Simulation (Antoni Grau):

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 9 Groundwater: The Unseen Part of the Water Cycle:

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 10 Planning & Evaluating ESD activities in Protected Areas (Michele Biasutti):


TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 12 Education for Sustainable Development in Biosphere Reserves (P. Pypaert, H. Gille):

ESD in BRs - Example of Assesment of Participants Production:

ESD in BRs - Example of Guiding Sheet:

ESD in BRs - Example of Surevy of Territorial Assets:

TRAINERS PRESENTATIONS - DAY 13 Polistovsky National Nature Reserve - a way of development (Mikhail Yablokov):

Visions for Samothraki (Sustainable Samothraki NGO):

Fire risks at Parnassos National Park:

Flora of Parnassos National Park:

Samaria National Park Management Body:

Habitats of Parnassos National Park:

The Olympus National Park Management Agency:

Parnassos: Monument of nature and culture. Lever of sustainable development:


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