ERASMUS Intensive Program
on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Protected Areas

SUMMER SCHOOL, 6-19 July 2014, Amfissa, Greece
ESD in Protected Areas and Biosphere Reserves

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The Center of Environmental Education of

The Center of Environmental Education of Amfissa in Greece ( is a public institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. It is officially registered as Adult Education and Lifelong Learning Centre. It is located in Central Greece, Department of Phocis.

Its location is quite unique because, on one hand, it offers excellent accessibility and on the other, is close to the mountainous Protected Area of Parnassus (Natura 2000 network), to the coastal site of Korinthiakos Golf, the olive groove landscape of Amfissa, the channel of the Mornos River, the exceptional Archaeological site of Delphi, the traditional coastal town of Galaxidi. All these sites offer the ideal conditions for innovative programmes of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) applied in Protected Areas. These ESD programmes can be adapted to the natural environment, providing the opportunity to learners of experiential learning about the sustainable management of sources, ecosystems and landscapes and the protection and valorization of cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the Center organizes systematically training seminars of educators, as well as awareness raising events on sustainable management of PAs for locals, businessmen, administrators, etc. and summer schools for graduate and post-graduate students. The Centre¬†¬† meets all the prerequisites for hosting an IP course in terms of organisational facilities (bedrooms with baths/WC, kitchen and dining room, security, located at walking distance from the town’s centre, etc.) and in terms of infrastructure and equipment - having two big halls for teaching equipped with projector and screen, science laboratory fully equipped, sufficient number of PCs and laptops, wireless internet connection, etc.

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Virtual Tour at the Center of Environmental Education of Amfissa. Move the photos with your mouse. Zoom in with the A and zoom out with the Z at your keyboard.
Ground Floor
1st floor (dorms)

Under the auspicies of the hellenic National Comission for UNESCO