ERASMUS Intensive Program
on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Protected Areas

SUMMER SCHOOL, 6-19 July 2014, Amfissa, Greece
ESD in Protected Areas and Biosphere Reserves

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EU FundingSponsorship

EU Funding

Programme Budget


Organizational costs


Travel costs for students and teachers


Subsistence costs for students and teachers




1. Organisational Costs
Organisational costs relate to the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the programme. Organisational costs comprise costs related to the production of documents or educational material; rental training rooms and equipment; field trips, excursions, etc. which are part of the IP; translations; project secretariat and administration tasks, etc.
Cost of travel and subsistence of staff travelling during the preparation or evaluation phase of the Intensive Programme and external experts providing input to the IP are also in this category.

2. Travel Costs
Eligible for funding are travel costs for up to 35 students and up to 10 teachers / trainers directly related to actual participation to the IP. Travel costs will be accounted for on the basis of the real costs incurred (including any costs for entry/exit visas as required).  Reimbursement of travel cost is limited to 90% of real cost for students and to 75% for the teaching staff.

3. Subsistence costs
Eligible for funding are subsistence costs (accommodation, meals, etc) for up to 35 students and up to 10 teachers/trainers. For students, the daily rate is 20 €. Special arrangements have been made and the 20€ will be used to fully cover accommodation, breakfast and one meal for the students. For trainers the daily rate is 144 € for up to 6 days of stay, 1008 € for 1 week and 1411 for 2 weeks stay. The trainers will receive their difference for their subsistence costs after the deduction of the accommodation costs and lunch.



Under the auspicies of the hellenic National Comission for UNESCO