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Vlachogianni T, Vogrin M, Scoullos M. Aliens in the Mediterranean. MIO-ECSDE, Athens, 2013.

Call for tender - Monitoring of floating litter in the Adriatic Sea, using ferries as platform of observation
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Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP)
Tags: Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP)

LHAP is:

The Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP) founded in the year 2000 as a non-profit making, non-governmental organization to serve as a consulting and a partner organization to provide training on sustainable development management issues and knowhow to target and empower the local Jordanian, non-governmental organization NGO’s, Community Based Organization  CBO’s and business cooperatives in rural and Badia areas of Jordan with focus on youth and women.


Main Objectives:

  • To improve the socio-economic status of the local communities in the rural areas.
  • To help NGO’s, CBO’s and business cooperatives to understand the local issues, identify areas of priority work, and develop the solutions they need.
  • To establish a rural centre that will provide training, counselling, consultation, technical, and management services; empower the local community in the field of managing their natural resources and improving the environmental set up.
  • To organize local, regional, and international tours to exchange and share of experiences.
  • To organize events and facilitate workshops, seminars, public hearings, consultations, and campaigns.
  • To strengthen local NGO’s and help them build their operational skills, enhancing their capacity to successfully undertake activities, projects and campaigns.


Major policy tools used by LHAP in order to achieve its objectives are:

  • Promotion of understanding and collaboration among the CSO’s, NGO’s and CBO’s in Jordan.
  • Act as a platform for dialogue among CSO’s, government, academia, private sector and media.
  • Play a support role in the regional cooperation among Arab and the Mediterranean NGO’s through the national networks such as RAED & MIO-ECSDE.
  • Promotion of education and raise of community awareness on emerging issues such as
  • E-Waste, nano-technology, POP’s … etc. 
  • Disseminate of information to national CSO’s, NGO’s and CBO’s on various environmental issues through being a focal point for a couple of international networks such as IPEN, SAICM, DRR, and FCA.
  • Carry out advocacy campaigns on various environmental and sustainable development issues to lobby on government to adapt, promote and upgrade policies and legistations …etc, such as “Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Treaty”  (FCTC) and the “Strengthening the Role of Jordanian Civil Society in Public Policy” CSO’s.   


LHAP Activities

The main LHAP types of activities are:

  • Formulate project proposal and seek funds.
  • Networking.
  • Raising public awareness in human rights and environmental issues.
  • Capacity building of specific audiences (i.e. NGO staff, educators, etc.).
  • Promoting the cultural dimension of sustainable development.
  • Research.
  • Publications.
  • Advocacy.


Contact Information
Tel.: 0096265513740
Fax: 0096265519756
Postal address: P.O. Box 340636, Amman 11134 Jordan
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